Welcome to the new BSS website

This site caters for our professional membership, lay public, media and press, and anyone with a passion for and interest in sleep and sleep disorders.

Members have access to different professional forums, details of conferences and current and past newsletters. The site will be as useful as our members make it-suggestions for additions, constructive criticism, and volunteer editors gratefully received.

Members of the press are able to contact membership via the site – this has been a very popular resource, and allows up to continue our mission to engage with the public, educate about all matters pertaining to sleep, and lobby where necessary. We have a special ‘lobby your MP’ link to enable us to support those initiatives about sleep where we need governmental buy-in.

We have a unique new sleep map, currently being populated, so that members of the public, press and professionals will know instantly which sleep facilities are nearest to them, and what services they offer.

But as much of this content on the site is only available to BSS members – please join us!