Lizzie Hill

Lizzie Hill has worked in the field of sleep medicine since 2000, having graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1998. She is a Registered Polysmnographic Technologist, trained in the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. In 2005, she was appointed Sleep Services Manager of The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, Scotland’s only private sleep disorders centre. She is also a trained sleep counsellor, and ran a sleep clinic for teenagers with sleep problems and additional support needs for the charity, Sleep Scotland.

In 2010, Lizzie returned to the Department of Sleep Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where she is now a Research Fellow. As well as working on her PhD investigating prevalence and treatment of sleep apnoea in adults with Down’s Syndrome, she is involved with a number of in-house and multicentre trials and teaches on the annual Edinburgh Sleep Medicine Course. She continues to support Sleep Scotland, teaching on their regular sleep counsellor training courses.

Professional interests include promotion of sleep education amongst professionals and the general public, and inclusion of “non-mainstream” patient groups such as adults with learning disabilities. Personal interests include yoga, skiing and real ales.