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The British Sleep Society (BSS) is a professional organisation for medical, scientific and healthcare workers dealing with sleeping disorders. We are also here to help sleep practitioners in the private field. We are a registered British charity and our ultimate aim is to improve public health by promoting education and research into sleep and its disorders.

This site caters for anyone with a passion for and interest in sleep and sleep disorders, including our professional membership, lay public and media.

But much of the site’s content is only available to BSS members, so please click the link below to find out how you can join us!

ANSS/ESRS Membership

Did you know that the British Sleep Society have associate society membership with ESRS? This means you have access to the ESRS newsletter, web page and a wide range of information and educational programs.

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In today's #SSF, we take a sneak peek into the Functions of Sleep chapter of the Sleep Medicine Textbook, 2nd Ed. #Sleep is such a fundamental aspect of our daily lives & overall health for us to not fully understand the mechanisms behind it

The BSS are pleased to provide a Patient and Public involvement Symposium at the BSS Virtual Sleep 2021 on 4th November at 13:45. Registration for patients is free. https://execbs.eventsair.com/bss-2021/virtual-sleep-2021 @NarcolepsyUK @ApnoeaTrust @SASASleepApnoea @KLS_Foundation @hope2sleep1 @TheSleepCharity

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Latest News

National Patient Safety Alert: Philips ventilator, CPAP and BiPAP devices

    The below is an update published by the BTS https://www.brit-thoracic.org.uk/news/news/2021/national-patient-safety-alert/  National Patient Safety Alert: Philips ventilator, CPAP and BiPAP devices UPDATED with Risk Stratification Guidance on 20/07/2021 Guidance on Clinical Risk Stratification is now available to support clinicians in their decision-making and when offering clinical advice to those patients who may be affected by this issue. The…