Southampton Sleep Training Programme

With over a decade of experience in teaching professionals about sleep and its disorders in children we have responded to demand by introducing a new modular online learning programme. This offers a number of advantages:

  • flexibility to choose what level of training is appropriate to your needs and practice 
  • flexibility to choose specialist modules relevant to your practice 
  • shorter courses that fit in more easily alongside demands of work 
  • more cost effective (no travel, accommodation costs)
  • suited to a range of professionals enriching interdisciplinary learning
  • based on current clinical and research evidence 

We deliver material in a way that is engaging, friendly and interactive. All of our trainers are NHS professional who daily ‘walk the talk’ and are enthusiastic to share their extensive knowledge and experience. Course material includes a rich set of filmed case study material throughout.

This course provides a basic scientific understanding of sleep and will allow you to advise on evidenced based good sleep habits. It can be taken as a stand-alone course and requires no pre-requisites but is also a foundation for later specialist modules.

Course content:

    • Children’s sleep problems in a family context
    • Science of Sleep – understanding the mysteries of sleep 
    • Why children sleep -  the role of sleep in childhood 
    • Culture and Sleep – sleep around the world 
    • Fundamentals of Sleep Hygiene – providing advice based on science not ‘hearsay’

Dates & Cost:

  • Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th March 2024
  • 9 am – 1pm each day (8 hours total)
  • Cost:  £160
    (if you are a registered member of the BPSS, you are eligible for a £25 discount on the cost of Module 1.  When booking, please supply us with your membership number).

Course Leader

Dr Cathy Hill, Consultant Paediatrician in Sleep Medicine, European Somnologist and Associate Professor of Child Health.

Other Faculty Members

  • Dr Hazel Evans, Paediatric Respiratory Consultant and Regional NIV Lead
  • Dr Andrea Whitney, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist with Special Interest in Epilepsy
  • Dr Julie Duncan, Paediatric Respiratory Consultant
  • Dr Rachel Langley, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Sarah Matthews, Clinical Psychologist
  • Joanne McCubbin, Sleep Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Anneken Marshall, Sleep Specialist Nurse
  • Karen Curtain, Specialist Paediatric Sleep Practitioner
  • Karen Farrance, Specialist Paediatric Sleep Practitioner

If you have questions, please email