Membership Categories

Student Membership Category                                                    £10 per year

Full or part-time student registered in higher education or further education institution. Please note you will be required to provide evidence upon application (Student card or Letter from your institute).


Entry Level/ Early Years Membership Category                         £25 per year

Up to and including band 5 for allied health professionals, post-doctoral researchers up to and including 3 years after PhD. This category also includes Foundation Year 1 Doctors. Please note you will be required to provide evidence upon application (Proof of Phd Certificate/Letter of on going research).


Standard Membership Category                                                  £40 per year

All other

ARTP/BSS Membership Discount

The BSS and the ARTP have arranged a discounted membership price for their members.

If you are currently a member of the ARTP and sign up to BSS membership you will then received an £8 discount off your first payment.

If you are already a member of both Charities you will receive a £4 discount off both subscriptions (ie total amount £8)

Please insert your ARTP membership number in the discount code box upon payment.

Application for discount will be the individual member’s responsibility.  Retrospective requests will be considered up to 3 months after the renewal date (or first payment).