BPSS Sleep Video Conference

Thursday the 20th of June at 11.00 am GMT

** Programme & Teams link below - please use the details within current email to join meeting**

1100 Introductions (Dr Theo Polychronakis, CUH)

1105 Which monitor is better? TcCO2 monitoring signal quality (Matt Rose, Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Physiologist, CUH)

1125 Paediatric sleep medicine case (Dr Sarah Nethercott, Paediatric respiratory Clinical fellow , CUH)

1145 Paediatric Obesity + Sleep:  The CEW clinic experience (Dr Emma Webb, Consultant paediatric Endocrinologist, NNUH)

1205 Risk factors for OSA in children with obesity (Catharina Tao, medical student, University of Cambridge)

1225 DISE experience at CUH (Ms Jessica Bewick, Consultant paediatric ENT surgeon, CUH)

1245 Setting up a paediatric sleep service in a DGH  (Dr Jo Johnson and Katrina Burrows, Colchester Hospital, ESNEFT)


2024 BPSS Videoconference dates:

Thursday March 21st 2024

Thursday June 20th 2024: Addenbrookes Cambridge Team (Lead: Theo Polychronakis) 11am to 1pm

Thursday September 12th 2024

Thursday December 12th 2024