Dr Amanda Sathyapala

Dr Amanda Sathyapala is a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and a Consultant Respiratory Physician at Harefield Hospital.

Dr Sathyapala studied pre-clinical Medicine at Cambridge University and Clinical Medicine at Oxford University. She was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship to complete her PhD in Professor Mike Polkey’s lab at the Royal Brompton Hospital, which included a year at Maastricht University in Professor Annemie Schols’ lab. Dr Sathyapala was awarded a HEFCE Clinical Senior Lectureship at national competition to take up her current position at Imperial College London in 2012.

Her current research focusses on the issue of low levels of patient adherence to CPAP: identifying current adherence rates in the UK, US and Europe, describing a novel model of adherence behaviour, and developing an intervention to improve CPAP adherence. Her expertise is called on to sit on grant research panels, advisory boards for pharmaceutical companies and biotechs developing new medications. She has also hosted international symposia and has developed the curriculum for the new patient facing modules for early year Imperial undergraduate medical students.

She is committed to seeing poor sleep being recognised and addressed early in patients, and to attracting the brightest, most enthusiastic individuals to sleep medicine and research. Dr Sathyapala is also hopeful that within her career, there will be a significant improvement in patient adherence to CPAP across the UK.