Sleep Challenges in Children with Down syndrome


Brisbane Time    UK Time

9-9:15pm            11-11:15am  

Management of Residual OSA in children with Down syndrome- A Systematic Review                A/Prof Jas Chawla

9:15-9:50pm       11:15-11:50am 

Challenges OSA Cases in children with Down syndrome -

Dr David Kilner & pre-recorded Dr Hannah Burns

9:50-10pm          11:50-12:00pm 

Group Discussion 

A/Prof Suresh to chair

10-10:30pm       12:00-12:30pm 

Parents experiences of caring for a child with Down syndrome and Sleep Problems  

Dr Emma Cooke

10:30-11pm        12:30-13:00   

Managing behavioural aspects of sleep in children with Down syndrome  

A/Prof Honey Heussler