Brighton Sleep 2017

With keynote talks from:

Professor Franco Cappuccio, University of warwick: ‘Healthy Sleep’

Dr Jason Rihel, University College London: 'What can we learn by studying sleep in zebrafish'

Dr Claire Sexton, Oxford University: 'What can we learn by studying sleep in humans'

Professor Susan Redline, Harvard University: 'Multi Centre Slep Trails - What have we learned so far?'

Dr Hui-Leng Tan, Royal Brompton Hospital: 'Biological mechanisma and novel biomarkers for OSAS in Children'

Professor Morten Kringelbach, Oxford University: 'Pleasure, Pain and Sleep'

Dr Kristen Knutson, University of Chicago, USA: 'Sleep and Cardiometabolic Health'

Award Winners

Young Investigator – Wioleta Kowalska

Best Paediatric Poster – Rosamaria Lecca

Best Clinical Poster – A. Gaur

Best Research Poster – Boon Lim

Lyn Davies Award – Emily Watson-Thoday