BSS Sleep 2023 V7

BSS Sleep 2023 Travel Grant

The BSS are pleased to offer travel grants of up to £200.00 for the BSS Sleep 2023.


Applicants will be notified by 11th August. 

Terms and Conditions

1.      Grants are available to British Sleep Society members only.

2.      Retrospective applications will not be considered.

3.      Grants are awarded at the discretion of the BSS and the treasurer’s decision is final.

4.      Applicants will be responsible for their own arrangements for study leave from their trust / hospital / department and confirmation of this should be included                 with the application. The applicant’s Head of Department should sign the application.

5.      Grants are not intended to cover the full costs of the proposed activity. Applicants who receive support from other sources that meets their costs in part or in               full are required to inform the BSS Office of the amount(s) as soon as possible.

6.      The maximum grant available is £200 per person.

7.      The Society will not cover the cost of first class travel and it is assumed that applicants will endeavour to find the least expensive travel and accommodation               costs.

8.      The grant, up to £200 will be paid upon production of appropriate receipts, after the conference. 

9.      If the grantee if unable to attend the conference, no monies will be paid out even if they have already paid for travel, accommodation etc

10.    BSS reserves the right to close the application deadline early if sufficient applications are received.