Dr Vicky Cooper

Dr Vicky Cooper is the Principal Clinical Scientist and Sleep and Acute Non-Invasive Ventilation Service Manager at Salford Royal Hospital.  She first became interested in sleep medicine in 2000 as a post-doctoral research fellow at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, under the supervision of Dr Mark Elliott. Her research interests were in the relationship between obstructive sleep apnoea and hypertension. She also undertook research projects in a Mongolian singing technique for snoring and the effects of sleep apnoea on driving performance. Current interests are in using lifestyle medicine to treat sleep disorders and she is currently studying for Accreditation Lifestyle Medicine.

Vicky was involved in the inaugural meeting of ARTP-Sleep in 2010 and soon after became the editor of its biannual newsletter S-NEWS. From  2014-2019 she was Chair / Co-Chair of ARTP-Sleep. Vicky has been involved in all levels of the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) from PTP to HSST including curriculum writing, teaching and candidate assessments. Vicky has been involved in leading and teaching on ARTP, BSS and ISMC sleep courses and sits on the ARTP sleep and  BSS Education Subcommittees.  She is also the lead for the sleep teaching for the Scientific Training Programme (STP) at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is a member of the OSA Alliance and has worked on the task and finish group for standardising optimal sleep pathways. Vicky is passionate about highlighting the profile of sleep professionals in the UK and improving education and training opportunities, as well as improving patient care.