Newcastle Sleep 2015 Submitted Abstracts

NumberAbstract AuthorTitle of the AbstractAbstract Catagory
1Noor Zehan Abdul RahimSleep disordered breathing in Children with Congenital Heart DiseasePaediatric
2Hetaf AlammarA meta-analysis of behavioural interventions for sleep problems in children with neuro-developmental disorders.Paediatric
3Chris AlfordDoes sleep restriction make driving with distractions worseResearch
4Kirstie AndersonA novel, open access accelerometer method for assessing sleepResearch
5Anna AshworthEffects of sleep on early cognitive development in young children with Down syndromeResearch
6Gurnam AulakhEffect of preoperative continuous positive airway pressure duration on outcomes after maxillofacial surgery forobstructive sleep apnoeaResearch
7Amy BeestonAuditory models for robust analysis of snoring in domestic recordingsResearch
8Louise BergerEvaluation of the Efficacy of a New Insomnia Service Providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for InsomniaResearch
9Karla BerryQuality of sleep for adult in-patientsClinical (adult)
10Jane BlackwellA systematic review of cognitive function and psychosocial well-being in school-age children with narcolepsyPaediatric
11Michelle DaviesNight to night variability of home nocturnal pulse oximetryPaediatric
12David DawsonDoes a clinic visit at 6 weeks improve compliance with CPAP therapyClinical (adult)
13Lindsay DewaThe current practice of insomnia management in England and Wales prisonsClinical (adult)
14Nehal DoshiA narrative review into the non-surgical and surgical management of non-apnoeic snoringResearch
15Panagis DrakatosThe utility of respiratory inductance plethysmography in REM sleep scoring. An application on multiple sleep latencyResearch
16Claire DurantChronic Fatigue syndrome and Sleep; Initial findings from recruitment for the SAFFE studyResearch
17Stephen EmegboThe Benefits of Remote Monitoring of Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSAS) A pilot evaluation of the cost benefits for the patient and clinical service.Research
19Sofia ErikssonHow common are Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep in a UK based population with refractory epilepsyResearch
20Felicity GrayAdherence to Home Long Term Non-Invasive Ventilation in ChildrenPaediatric
21Christopher GrimeObstructive sleep apnoea in children with problematic severe asthma.Paediatric
22Paul GringrasA closer look at sleep onset rapid eye movement in paediatric multiple sleep latency and nocturnal polysomnography tests.Paediatric
23Paul GringrasAnatomy of a Children’s Sleep-OverPaediatric
24Paul GringrasDeveloping The ‘Kids Sleep Doctor’ AppPaediatric
25Rosie HeartshorneRestless legs syndrome a cross-sectional study to assess treatment severity and co-morbiditiesResearch
26Jane HicksA case of REM Behaviour Disorder (RBD) in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC), is this an unrecognised sleep disorder in this group of patientsClinical (adult)
27Catherine HillSuccess rates and acceptability of domiciliary cardiorespiratory studies to screen for obstructive sleep apnoea in children with Down syndromeResearch
28Catherine HillNocturnal hypoxia in high altitude native children evidence of incomplete adaptation in children with European ancestry.Research
29Lizzie HillRetrospective review of central event indices in children with repaired cleft palateResearch
30Lizzie HillSymptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea are common in adults with Down syndrome despite previous adenoidtonsillar surgeryResearch
31Caroline HortonSleep increases negative emotional false memoriesResearch
32Naomi HyndCan reading to children before lights out help children sleep - a pilot studyResearch
33Momoko KayabaAssociated Factors for AHI in Japanese OSA patients Focusing on Craniofacial Factors by CephalogramResearch
34Liisa Kuula-PaavolaPoor sleep and neurocognitive function in early adolescenceResearch
35Madeleine LawrenceThe Reality of Sexsomnia Characteristics and Manifestations of SexsomniaResearch
36Natasha LiddleAgreement of desaturation indices between Masimo SET and Nonin oximetry technologyPaediatric
37Sophia LomatschinskyAn updated review of the current medications used to treat REM sleep behaviour disorderResearch
38Shameem MahmoodHigh incidence of oxygen desaturation in Systemic Light Chain (AL) Amyloidosis may impact survivalClinical (adult)
39Rebecca MartynFeedback from Narcolepsy Peer Support GroupPaediatric
40Guy MeadowsAcceptance and Commitment Therapy for Insomnia - an initial clinical studyClinical (adult)
41Claire MorganDissociation in Disorders of ArousalResearch
43Louise O'Brien New Parents, Sleep Disruption, and Driving A Cross-Sectional StudyResearch
44Louise O'BrienSleep-Disordered Breathing and Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with PCOS A Cohort StudyResearch
45Rory O'ConnorThe effect on systemic blood pressure in patients undergoing a maxillomandibular advancement osteotomy for obstructive sleep apnoeaResearch
46Nicholas OscroftDoes PREDICT predict real life experienceClinical (adult)
47Louise ParkerA review of a new Polysomnography service in a District General Hospital sleep clinicClinical (adult)
48Dora PolšekTLR2 is involved in the acute reaction to intermittent hypoxiaResearch
49Dorothy PriceA retrospective observational study of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) compliance ratesClinical (adult)
50Muhammad QasimWhy do our Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Hypopnoea Syndrome (OSAHS) Patients abandon Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) TreatmentResearch
51Tim QuinnellRandomised Controlled Trial of Mandibular Advancement Devices for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (TOMADO) Two year follow-upResearch
52Ashwin RajhanWhich bariatric patients need a pre-operative sleep studyResearch
53Ashwin RajhanVenlafaxine induced PLMD in a young patient
54Kylie RussoPrevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea in children with syndromic craniosynostosis and outcome of intervention with adenotonsillectomy or nasopharyngeal airwayPaediatric
55Ann SharpleyInvestigating the Effects of Typhoid Vaccine on Sleep in Healthy Participants a randomised, double- blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over studyResearch
56Carolin SieversCan we learn during sleep An investigation of the extent to which linguistic stimuli can be processed during sleepResearch
57Clare TrevelyanOutcomes of Insomnia Assessments at a Regional Sleep Centre Developing new Insomnia GuidelinesResearch
58Christopher TurnbullIn minimally symptomatic OSA what is the best test to measure CPAP responseResearch
59Anna WeighallThe relationship between sleep quality and quantity and health related quality of life.Research