Reflections and developments from the Assembly of National Sleep Societies conference

The British Sleep Society is an active member of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS) which is an established organisation of European sleep societies, and part of the ESRS. The ANSS’ goal is to develop sleep medicine and sleep research across Europe. Within the ANSS, the BSS enjoys its reputation as an active, growing, and well-resourced sleep society. The ANSS meeting this year was held in Trondheim, Norway. The BSS was represented by one of the education co-leads, Dr Shruthi Konda.

This meeting allowed representatives of sleep societies across Europe to reflect on their society’s performance over the last year. The French society reportedly gave away over £400K in research grants over the last year with money raised from conference, which was attended by over 3000 people. This was fairly impressive, and gave us at the BSS much food for thought. The ANSS also allowed the national societies to meet the ESRS Board and exchange goals and visions. ESRS are hoping to launch a European Sleep Awareness Month with March being the chosen month, which links in with World Sleep Day. Britain are going to be a pilot country for the soft launch next year and we are very much looking forward to this. The focus is going to be on sleep in children.

Apart from business the ANSS meeting allowed for networking, food, and also partaking in song! A productive time was had by all.

ANSS Conference