British Sleep Society – Research Sub-Committee Lead

The British Sleep Society (BSS) is a registered Charity to promote knowledge and research in sleep, its disorders and treatment. The society supports multidisciplinary sleep professionals. The BSS Research Sub-Committee seeks to support research and scientific activity within the BSS.

The work of this sub-committee often overlaps with that of other subcommittees and there is close collaboration and exchange between those groups, facilitated and supported by Executive Committee meetings.


The Research Sub-Committee Lead is responsible for the running of the Research Sub-Committee. The Lead answers to the BSS Executive Committee and officers and, as such, holds a co-opted position on the Board.


Main role:

To coordinate, organise, manage and initiate the research activities of the BSS in alignment with the BSS strategic vision and research and educational priorities (see below).


Portfolio of activities includes:


·       Supporting the Executive Committee (EC) with the organisation and delivery of the BSS Biennial Scientific Congress (biennially)

·       Supporting the EC with the organisation and delivery of the BSS Writers Retreat (biennially)

·       Supporting the EC with the organisation and delivery of the International Sleep Medicine Course (ISMC) in collaboration with the Dutch and Belgian Sleep Societies (annually, but held in UK triennially; next in 2023)

·       Other ad hoc meetings and conferences

·       Supporting the writing of BSS statements and guidelines

·       Organising and leading meetings of the Research Subcommittee as required (4-6 meetings per year, dependent on current activities)

·       Attending BSS Executive Committee meetings (bimonthly) and feeding back on behalf of the Research Sub-committee

·       Reviewing papers submitted for grants at the BSS Scientific Congress and agreeing awards

·       Representing the BSS at meetings, webinars, courses and other events

·       Identifying opportunities for new research activities and/or sharing of relevant national and international research to support the mission and aims of the BSS.


Essential skills/ experience:

Excellent communication and networking skills.

·       Excellent organisational and teamworking skills.

·       Extensive sleep professional experience.

·       Current British Sleep Society member in good standing.

·       Commitment to attend online and/or face-to-face (sub)committee meetings throughout tenure.

·       Long-term vision of commitment to excellence in research in the field of Sleep/Sleep Medicine.

·       Experience in research in the field of sleep medicine/sleep science

·       Good/outstanding English (written / spoken)