SASA/ BSS Awards

The British Sleep Society are delighted to announce three awards this year to promote sleep research in our Early Career Research community (including PhD candidates).  


  1. The Scottish Association for Sleep Apnea (SASA) award for Sleep Disordered Breathing research (SASA SDB). This award will be administered by the British Sleep Society 
  2. The British Sleep Society award for Non-respiratory sleep research (BSS NrS) 
  3. The British Sleep Society award for Basic / Translational research (BSS BT) 


All three awards are designed to be cross cutting across the full membership of the BSS, BPSS and BSDSM and each award will be a prize of £1,000 to use for research purposes. Note: this award is for proposed future research and not research that has already been undertaken. 


You should be within the first five years of your first academic or clinical post (we will take into account career breaks if you indicate this at the time of submission) or if you are currently registered on a doctoral programme.  

How to Apply

We would like an abstract of the proposed research project (i.e. background, aims, methods, proposed analysis, projected implications of the research) to a maximum of 500 words (this does not include references). Abstracts should be submitted to [email protected] no later than 5pm on the 10thSeptember 2021 and winners will be announced at the annual conference (4-6th November 2021). You should include contact details, including your BSS membership number, and indicate, at the time of submission, which of the three awards you are applying for. 

What happens after I submit

The applications will be peer reviewed by the BSS Research Sub-Committee and final decisions will be ratified by the Executive Committee.  

Conditions of Award

i) the award can only be used for research consumables (e.g. participant payments, postage, software) and not for travel, accommodation or conference registration

ii) applicants can only apply for one award

iii) you must be a member of the BSS,

iv) it is expected that the award holder would acknowledge the award on any conference or manuscripts (including pre-prints) stemming from the research undertaken,

v) all research associated with the award should have been approved by appropriate ethical committees or IRBs, and

vi) agreement from the award holder that they would write a brief overview of the project and how the money was used for The Hoot, on completion of the research.