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Keynote talks

Day 1: We have a packed programme featuring keynote sessions from Dr Andrew Wood on 'Using wearable devices and genetics to estimate and validate mechanisms of sleep' and Professor Emmanuel Mignot on 'Narcolepsy from research to clinical'.

Day one will close with a welcome reception and moderated poster session which everyone is welcome to attend.

Day 2: Includes keynote addresses from Professor Emmanuel Mignot from Stanford University, USA on 'The future of Sleep Medicine' and Professor Debra Skene on 'Metabolomics in Sleep Research', as well at the Paediatric keynote by Professor Monique LeBourgeois from the University of Colorado, USA on 'Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Early Childhood: A Goodness of Fit Perspective' .

Day two will also feature the BSS GM, and of course the BSS Conference Dinner and awards.

Day 3: The final day will see a 'keynote combo' by Professor Gregory Lip, University of Liverpool on 'Sleep, OSA and AF: where are we now?' and Professor Matthew Naughton from Melbourne, Australia on 'Sleep disordered breathing in Heart Failure: Chicken Soup or Chicken and Egg?'